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Five Acts Meme, round five

hosted by the fantastic toestastegood
(I will never stop loving this macro)

The Rules:
- Post a list of your five favorite acts/kinks/tropes to read about. At the bottom, add what fandoms/pairings you're interested in.
- Link to your list in the master post.
- Post comment-fic based off of other's peoples lists.
- Round Five will last October 14 - October 21

My List:
- hurt. I like my characters bruised, I like my characters bloody, I especially like my characters near to freezing (I watched the Hoth part of The Empire Strikes Back at an impressionable age). Comfort afterwards is fine, but since I tend to like stoic and emotionally repressed characters, it's not necessary. Mostly, I just want characters bruised.
- being shoved against walls. My bulletproof kink. I don't care if it's sexual, during a confrontation, or completely without context; as long as there is one character shoving another against a wall, I will be very happy.
- erotic asphyxiation. My almost-bulletbroof kink. Also does not necessarily mean sex, one character trying to choke the other is perfectly sexy by itself.
- Star Wars. I could try and say this in a roundabout way (I grew up with the movies, love them, and I'm not really in the Star Wars fandom, I love seeing my current series set in that universe, with the settings, political climate and technology of the movie trilogies) but I'm going to come out and say it: I want lightsaber battles. I don't care what the context is, I don't care if there even is any context. Just give me two characters having a lightsaber battle and I will love you for the rest of my life. Or Force-choking. Force-choking is good too.
- aggression. It kind of fits in with the rest of the acts, but worth mentioning again. Fighting leading to sex*, fighting leading to any one of the above acts, characters just fighting, I don't care, I just want a punch thrown.

*note: I like foreplay, I like sensuality, and I love sexual tension; but I'd rather have a brief encounter when the UST is hiked up, or a fade to black, or someone interrupting what was becoming A Moment than actual sex.

My Fandoms:
in more or less level of preference:
Crossovers. I don't know if this counts as a fandom, but I don't care. I absolutely adore crossovers. I listed some pairings below, but feel free to write anything from the fandoms listed below.
Supernatural: [s1-s5] Dean/Castiel (Michael!Dean/Castiel, Dean/2014!Castiel, 2014!Dean/2014!Castiel, Novakcest-verse Deanstiel/Jacob), Lillith!Ruby/Sam, s3!Ruby/Sam, John!Michael/Mary*, Dean Smith/Brady, Dr. Sexy/Dean, Ed/Corbett, Adam/Jo, Jesse/Ben, Claire/Jesse, Jo/s4!Ruby
Suits: Mike/Harvey
Merlin: Nimueh/Merlin, Merlin/Gwen, Arthur/Merlin, Cenred/Morgause*, Arthur/Nimueh, Gwen/Morgana [note: haven't started s4 yet]
Inception: Arthur/Cobb, Arthur/Mal, Arthur/Cobb/Mal, Eames/Mal*, Eames/Yusuf, Eames/Fischer
Doctor Who: Doctor/Master (Ten/Simm or Eleven/Cumberbatch), Jack/Rose, Jack/River, Jack/Eleven, Eleven/Kazran**, Eleven/any guy (except Rory), Ten/Christina de Souza, Donna/Being Awesome, Martha/Being Awesome, River/anyone [note: haven't seen s6 yet]
Torchwood: Jack/Owen, Jack/John, Gwen/Rhys, PC Andy/Sophie (from the 'Bay of the Dead' fanfic novel)
Harry Potter: James/Sirius, (young) Dumbledore/Grindelwald
Red Eye: Jackson/Lisa Force-choking?
Sherlock: ...works best with crossovers, but I ship John/Sherlock, Mycroft/Being Awesome
Firefly: ...works best with crossovers, but I ship Inara/Simon, Zoe/Wash

crossover pairings: Eames/Malcolm Reynolds, Fischer/Inara, Mycroft+Saito, Mal/the Master(/the Doctor), Eleven/Ariadne, Christina de Souza/asexual!Sherlock, 2014!Dean/Martha Jones, River/Inara, River/anyone, Jack/anyone, Eleven/any guy ever (except Team Free Will), men that look good in suits/other men that look good in suits. I am so easy to please when it comes to crossovers. Give me two characters talking, and I will be happy.

* indicates the rarepairs I very rarely see but am especially fond of.
** somebody write me Eleven/Kazran please.

Written By Me:
» Supernatural-Inception, Jo/Ariadne, sharing, cars, apocalypse for pann_cake
» Inception, Arthur/Cobb, formal clothing for defiant_deviant
» Supernatural, Lucifer/Ruby, touching for joyyjpg
» Suits, Harvey/Mike, (SPN) AU for _bluebells
» Suits-Supernatural, Mike/Adam, AU, crossover, h/c for ladyknightanka
» Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, falling, restraint for solarbaby614
» Torchwood/Doctor Who, Owen/Martha, Owen/Jack, scars/marks, touching for ozmissage
» Supernatural, Sam/Brady, conflict for insertcode11
and working on nine more

one two three four five six seven eight fics, 410 657 877 1156 2171 2774 2999 3498 words, two three four five six fandoms «

Written For Me:
» [Sherlock] Sherlock/John wallsex from heeroluva
» [SPN] Michael!Dean/Castiel Star Wars, wall-shoving and aggression from princess_aleera
» [SPN] Dean Smith/Brady wall-shoving and aggression from wandersfound
» [DW] Eleven/Jack, hurt from setos_puppy
» [SPN] John!Michael/Mary, aggression, wall-shoving, hurt from _bluebells
» [Suits] Mike/Harvey hurt, wall-shoving, asphyxiation, aggression Star Wars AU from corsykitty
[jfc how are you all so wonderful?]

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Oct. 19th, 2011 01:46 pm (UTC)
Supernatural, Michael!John/Mary, (PG-13; aggression, shoved against walls, hurt) - 1/2
I’m really sorry, I meant for this to be much shorter and angrier than it turned out. I hope you still enjoy it!


“Mary,” John murmurs, and Mary closes her eyes.

He breathes her name like the whisper of a veil, and when she opens her eyes, she is the hunter, the orphan. She remembers all the times he has visited her before.

Mary, mother of our fates.

“Michael,” she says, turning in her seat at the window, and meets the angel behind her husband’s eyes. “How is he?”


Dean is a month old when Michael baptises him in his crib before dawn.

“Honey, what are you doing?” Mary leans sleepily against the doorframe of the nursery, pushing a hand through her hair.

She doesn’t see the stiff set of his shoulders, or notice that Michael steadies the mobile of ducks above Dean’s crib with his left hand instead of his right.

“Dean is four when he first rides a bike. He cries a lot, but don’t worry, the wrist fracture heals.”

“… What?” Mary blinks, the hand in her hair falling to her hip.

“If you peel an apple for him, that will comfort him.”

“John, honey, Dean’s too young for--”

He turns around then and a cold, forgotten trepidation tightens in her chest at the look in his eyes.

“My name is Michael. I’m not your husband.”


Michael visits her every year on Dean’s birthday, and every year, he brings stories of Dean’s future.

“Dean discovered today that he has a talent for baseball.”

“Don’t throw away your husband’s vinyl collection: Dean will love just the same music.”

And he tells her other stories, too.

“He has his first drink when he’s nine. Your husband wasn’t there. Dean doesn’t like it the first time.”

“Dean set a record for being sent to the principal’s office six times in the same week. They’re thinking of suspending him.”

Mary wonders at the stories and if they could be true. She laughs, but she falls to tears when Michael tells her of the first Christmas that Dean and John spend apart. It makes her heart ache that Dean doesn’t have a little brother or sister in these stories to keep him company. Her baby boy sounds like he needs someone.

Mary believes there is a reason why Michael rarely mentions her part in these recollections; the same reason why Michael takes the time to tell her now. She hasn’t decided yet if it’s a cruelty or a kindness, but she grasps for each story with eager hands, a curiosity she can’t stamp down. It delights and horrifies her to learn of what lies ahead.

Mary palms the skin over the ache in her heart. She can’t imagine a life without her family. Instead, it seems they would be the ones meting out an existence without her.

Michael tells her of the future, and at the end of every visit, he reaches for her, his hand brushing her cheek. Mary curves to his touch, her lips to his palm, forgetting this isn’t her husband’s comfort, and when she opens her eyes, Michael’s wall is up, and the memories will sit behind the dam once more.


On January 24 1983, Mary closes the lid of the piano and finds Michael standing at her side.

Michael greets her with a brush of knuckles against her temple, drawing the hair behind her ear. The memories flood back, and she gasps, remembering the person her son will become, remembering every time that Michael has left her oblivious in the circle of John’s arms, smiling up into her husband’s face.

“I’m not in any of the stories after Dean turns four.”

“No,” Michael concedes, and Mary turns to look up at him.
Oct. 19th, 2011 01:47 pm (UTC)
Supernatural, Michael!John/Mary, (PG-13; aggression, shoved against walls, hurt) - 2/2
Michael wears John’s body with a calm and immovable assurance. Crumbs from their breakfast still dust the collar of his shirt.

“Is it the yellow-eyed demon? It’s been ten years. He killed my parents.”

“I promise you I won’t let any harm come to Dean.”

A soft sob escapes Mary and she hangs her head. She doesn’t want to die. She wants to watch her son grow up, she wants to wrap her arms around him for the simple want of it, to share his joys, his loves, and his pain. She doesn’t want him to ever hurt, but she can’t protect him if she’s gone.

Mary wants to see her husband’s face when she rolls over in the morning, every morning, until John is gray and wrinkled, and they’re too frail to do more than sit on the front porch and enjoy the sunshine with pitchers of iced tea. She wants a long life with them.

“Mary….” Fingers thread the hair back from her face, but she smacks the angel’s hand away.

“Please, Michael, don’t take my memories this time.”

“I’m sorry, Mary.”

Her heart clenches, then drums loud in anger.

“If you’re really an angel, you could save us.”

When she looks back into his face, Michael is watching her with a soft frown, but there’s no misunderstanding in his expression, and the anger in her chest fans outwards, pushing her shoulders back, curling her hands tight around the edge of the piano seat.


“Why did you tell me all of this? Why? It’s cruel!” She rises to her feet, pushing into his space when he doesn’t step back. “You can sit up there on your white clouds, but you don’t know what it takes to keep a family together!”

Her hands shove at his shoulders and Michael’s back hits the wall by the window, the morning sun streaming across his profile. He catches her wrist the next time her fist flies and his grip fastens so hard and quick that she gasps, surprised by the strength John had never used against her. Michael pulls her close before she has the time to kick out, and she still fights as Michael holds her hands against his chest, hushing her struggle.

“You’re not taking them,” she vows, yanking and shoving against him, “You’re not taking them away from me.”

“I’m sorry,” he murmurs, searching her face with those blue eyes she’s loved so long. He shakes his head, glancing at their clasped hands between them. “It’s already been written. But… but they won’t be alone. One more will join your family before your time ends here on Earth.”

Mary stiffens. Could he be right?

Another child?

And slowly, it dawns on her: the fatigue, the sensitivity to smells, the midnight cravings for chocolate ice cream and cinnamon donuts….

Her eyes sting with tears and the rush of joy eclipses her rage, almost leaving her numb.

“We’re going to have a baby?” she asks, then sobs with a laugh of disbelief, when Michael nods, a slow smile curving his mouth.

“He’ll be strong and stubborn, and he’ll have such a hunger for knowledge, it will take him places….” Michael shakes his head, the hanging note left uncertain, but Mary’s elation strikes through the shadow in his eyes.

“It’s a boy? Another boy… oh, thank God, they won’t be alone. My boys--“

She trembles, melting against Michael’s chest with the relief and ache of the revelation. She feels the tears drip from her chin to their joined hands, and the angel strokes a thumb over the imprint of his fingertips he’d bruised into her skin. His other hand rubs up her back and his mouth presses to the crown of her hair.

“Heaven is watching over them, Mary. Your sons are very important.”

Yes, they were. It gives her courage. She hides her smile in the warm cotton of John’s shirt.

“Let me remember,” she murmurs, and Michael raises her chin, wiping the tears from her face.

I love you, she thinks, without wondering if she means it for John or Michael because in this one moment, once a year, they are the same.

She closes her eyes when Michael kisses her for the first and the last time.

And then Michael lets her forget.
Oct. 19th, 2011 04:55 pm (UTC)
Re: Supernatural, Michael!John/Mary, (PG-13; aggression, shoved against walls, hurt) - 2/2
...you wrote me Michael!John/Mary.

...I have class in seven minutes, and I'm on my phone, and so the only thing I can say right now is

Oct. 19th, 2011 08:37 pm (UTC)
Re: Supernatural, Michael!John/Mary, (PG-13; aggression, shoved against walls, hurt) - 2/2
Phew! I'm glad! It has a lot more woe than intended when I set out to write it, so I hope that was okay!

Not only do I love Michael/Anyone, but there's something special about Michael! John/Mary that captures the imagination. The fact that she's the mother of his true vessel, that he wears her husband's face while also safeguarding them, but I especially like the notion that it's misinformed: there is a lot that Michael doesn't tell her (e.g. the existence of Sam until the very end) for his own ends.

The coda to this is that Michael welcomes her at the gates of Heaven on her death. But I ran out of space, and I liked ending it on the note that Michael is reliably a douche at the end of the day. XD

Thank you for giving me the excuse to write this!
Oct. 21st, 2011 06:49 pm (UTC)
Re: Supernatural, Michael!John/Mary, (PG-13; aggression, shoved against walls, hurt) - 2/2
...two days later, and all I can do is just point at the screen enthusiastically.

Michael is reliably a douche at the end of the day.
This. This.

I will bend over backwards to give you any sort of excuse to write these two. While I love interactions between Michael and anyone, Mary is the only person I ship him with, and this makes like, five fic that exist for them? Just... like you said, there's something about them that captures the imagination. She's crucial to the game plan, so while Michael can just smile benevolently and fuck everyone else over, she's off-limits, she's the one piece on the board he can't touch and they are so wonder and twisted and

She hasn’t decided yet if it’s a cruelty or a kindness
♥ ♥ &hearts forever
Oct. 21st, 2011 08:07 am (UTC)
Re: Supernatural, Michael!John/Mary, (PG-13; aggression, shoved against walls, hurt) - 2/2
/crashes in





Oct. 21st, 2011 09:11 am (UTC)
Re: Supernatural, Michael!John/Mary, (PG-13; aggression, shoved against walls, hurt) - 2/2
THANK YOU SO MUCH! :3 I'm so happy that you enjoyed it.
Oct. 27th, 2011 10:12 pm (UTC)
Re: Supernatural, Michael!John/Mary, (PG-13; aggression, shoved against walls, hurt) - 2/2
this is the best spn fic I have ever read. ever
Oct. 28th, 2011 04:02 am (UTC)
Re: Supernatural, Michael!John/Mary, (PG-13; aggression, shoved against walls, hurt) - 2/2
High praise, thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!