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the Lad
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Basically, hello, I'm ienablu, you can call me Ien (pronounced ¥), I'm twenty and identify as male. (Please use male forms of address when possible.)
I love fandom, even if I generally am a chronic lurker. Currently my main interests are Doctor Who, Supernatural*, Inception, Merlin and Sherlock, and anything that will crossover with those well. And sometimes not even 'well.' Tangently related, I tend to slash, more often than not.
*through season five.

And even though I'm mostly interested in fandom, this journal has a bit of RL ramblings in it, so apologies for that.
Except for a few memes and such, my journal is friends only, though my 'friending policy' is pretty lax -- I am usually too awkward to friend people, but if you friend me, I'll probably friend you back. Also, I view commenting as a conversation (opposed to an obligation or gauge of interest), and I happen to be a terrible conversationalist. Trying to work on that, though.
I tend to type like I talk, meaning there's a healthy dose of swearing (even though I've been meaning to cut back), barely-related parenthetical tangents and elaborations and sentences that run on and on and on. And I have a tendency to start most of my sentences with 'and.'
My writing is at ienublu and my tumblr is at ieneblu, because I quite like the 'ien' sound.
updated 11.6.11