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So I've been discussing Antarctica-set fic (sort of), and thinking about Antarctica/arctic/etc set fic potential. Since I have no canon set there, fic either needs to have various ways to change the setting, or go AU. I tend to shy away from AU settings, because I just find trying to make things mesh with canon a lot more fun to work out.

And while Supernatural sadly does not have many options to arctic settings, Doctor Who can have whatever setting it wants, but mostly: Avengers. slash the MCU.

Steve was frozen in the Arctic at the end of Captain America, and Jane was sent to Tromsø (which is within the Arctic Circle) in Avengers. And yeah, Jane was sent there because the events of Thor happened and Joss didn't want Jane in the movie they wanted to keep Jane safe, but I have no qualms with using a slight-divergence-AU as a way to change the setting.

So Jane is an astrophysicist (I think?) and for whatever reason she's doing research in Tromsø and she and Erik and Darcy are out in the van, and they're looking up at the sky, because sketchy things are going on with the stars, and suddenly they hit a guy.

Jane hits a guy. Legally, it's her fault.

Jane is too busy rushing out of the car to tell Darcy to kindly stfu.

So there's a guy on the ground, and he's in a blue jumpsuit and that's a little strange, and then suddenly he gets up, and is like "could somebody please tell me where I am" "when I am" "what exactly is going on here" "what do you mean it's 2011"

and Darcy tases him, because he freaks her out.

and then Jeremy Renner is in a light winter jacket

and then

Or we can just go the Casket of Ancient Winters route, which would turn Avengers into Day After Tomorrow, which is highly relevant to my interests, and possibly what I'll do for my second big bang if the Budapest fic doesn't work out.

I just want Nick Fury in a parka, okay.