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fake it 'til you make it

Been on the lower side of the mood spectrum for a while, (and then things got a little bit better! and then a lot worse) but "fake it until you make it" is a popular saying, so I'm going to try and be enthused about things I want to be enthused about.

• For starters, The Bourne Legacy. After The Avengers and MI4, I am enthused about Jeremy Renner and his acting. While I was a bit :/ at the idea of a fourth Bourne movie (I love the Bourne series, but Damon owned Jason, and I'm glad that they're giving Renner his own character), I recently saw a promo, and I like the addition of Edward Norton, but mostly I am so excited that they're bringing Pamela Landy and Noah Vosen back. Pamela Landy is one of my favorites, and I enjoyed Vosen and like that he's being brought in. Also, it's a Bourne movie, so there's going to be a car chase scene, and goddamn I love Bourne movie car chases.

And also, the sniper-shot. (You know the one.) I love me a good sniper-shot.

I don't like that John Powell isn't on soundtrack, though.

And if they don't have "Extreme Ways" -- or at least another Moby song -- as the end-credit song, I am going to be pissed.

• And on the note of MI4, I actually really enjoyed the movie. And the ridiculous Ethan/Brandt subtext. But also the movie. I didn't go in expecting much, but I genuinely thought it was a good movie. I liked all the characters, I was pleased by the subtext, the plot was suitably ridiculous, the action scenes were pretty awesome, and I genuinely enjoyed it.

Though as much as I ship Ethan/Brandt, I actually really ship Ethan Hunt/Clint Barton. Like, an embarrassing amount. Like, I may actually make a sock account for all the id-fic ideas I have for these two. It's like Ethan/Brandt, only with "why didn't you tell me you were SHIELD?" trust and loyalty issues. Which I didn't know I had a thing for, but apparently I do!

• On the Avengers note, my big bang is going pretty well. 10k minimum, and I'm actually at 11.4k, and feeling damn good bout that. And also a bit "WHOA WTF WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?" I like my story, even if I'm not sure a lot people are going to want to read it. When the inspiration hits I get a decent amount of writing done, I have a lot more scenes planned, and when I'm writing it, I genuinely enjoy writing it. Also, I'm about 85% certain I'm actually going to finish it in time to actually post, which excites me more than I can describe.

Second big bang isn't going nearly as smoothly -- I love the premise (Budapest-centric, where the Budapest incident Natasha remembers is when Martha came through in the Year That Never Was, and then Natasha-Clint-Martha gloriousness), but I don't actually know a lot about Budapest, so I need to do some serious research before I can start in on it. And also I need to rewatch s3 of Who, because my default Martha is her being a complete boss at everything, but at this point she's more coming into her badassery.

• Also on the subject of Avengers, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes is kind of amazing. I never watched Saturday morning cartoons as a kid (only Digimon), and going into this I was thinking "it's a Saturday morning kids' cartoon it's going to suck" but... wow, no. It's fantastic, and I love it. I'm on 2.24, and I've heard they've cancelled it, and I am despairing a bit about the fact that there're only two episodes left.

• While

• Did anybody watch Political Animals and can we talk about fantastic it was? Because it was fantastic and I loved it. I am currently rewatching it, and I was expecting to be all "SEBASTIAN STAN YOUR FACE" about it, but I more "OH MISS WEAVER." God, that woman. HOW ARE YOU THE GREATEST. The intro scene nearly had me swooning. SIGOURNEY WEAVER YOU ARE THE GREATEST.

Also, SEBASTIAN STAN YOUR FACE. I have been in love with Sebastian Stan's face since I first saw him in Kings. I actually was not that big a fan of him as Bucky in Captain America (though I wasn't a fan of Bucky in EMH either, so maybe it's just Bucky?) but god, give me Sebastian Stan as the gay high-profile son of a political leader and I am in love.


also: father, why must you come in at the point where the former president is getting ready to have sex with the sexy actress? THIS IS AWKWARD OH GOD DAD GO AWAY PLEASE.

other notes:
- man, Carla Gugino looks alarmingly like Eve Myles.
- DYLAN BAKER YOU ARE GOING TO BE SHADY AREN'T YOU. God I love you being shady, I cannot wait.
- I know Anne has a pretty serious subplot of her own (bb ;_;) but I can't help but think "Man, Maggie, does your fiancé know you went through a ghost-hunting phase? Have the media found the GhostFacers website yet? Has Ed met Douglas yet? But what does Harry think?"
- Sigourney Weaver whacking Douglas over the head is the greatest. HE LOOKS SO ALARMED. Like, "YOU HAVEN'T DONE THAT SINCE I WAS FOURTEEN!" And then he fixes his hair. And then she fixes his hair.
- the point when above sexy actress is like "they always dress us in Prada and I always complain because my character could never afford that, it's so unrealistic!" kind of made me fall in love with her a little bit.

• Also on USA, but sadly less gay: Suits. Mixed feelings about this season. Towards the end of the last season I was less-than-in-love with the show (fucks given about Mike's love triangle: none), but the second season opener was one of my favorite episodes of the entire show. I love that we finally meet Hardman, I love the Pearson-Hardman divide, I love that there is nothing about the character that sounds sincere. I love that Jessica found out, that she was not happy, and that she liked him well enough but was more interested in getting him fired.

Then the second episode sucked. Then the next two episodes were on the higher end of the scale than not, for me. But overall... I'm not feeling much love for Harvey. I used to not be feeling much love for Mike, but that's because the stupid love triangle brought out the worst in him. Now that he's moved on, he's likable again. Harvey, however, has his head up his ass, and it's starting to get old.

• and idk, Martha Jones will never not make me happy.